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Better Half Earring

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Introducing "The Better Half" Diamond Stud Earrings: a mesmerizing fusion of classic elegance and modern innovation. These exquisite earrings redefine sophistication with their unique design, combining the timeless allure of diamonds with the warmth of 18kt gold, all while proudly showcasing our commitment to responsible jewelry-making through recycled diamonds.

The 18kt gold setting, meticulously crafted, forms the perfect counterpart to the diamonds. Its rich hue adds a touch of warmth to your appearance, creating a stunning contrast that elevates your style to new heights. The smooth surface of the metal perfectly reflects the diamonds to add more shine to the piece.

Indulge yourself or surprise a loved one with a pair of earrings that encapsulate the essence of timeless beauty, ethics, and sophistication. With "The Better Half" by your side, you'll always have a reminder of the perfect balance between classic elegance and responsible luxury. Elevate your jewelry collection with these exceptional earrings today.

Sold as a pair. Inquire to purchase as a single,

.45cts of diamonds along with a swath of pure gold on each earring for .9 cts total.


Made to order for you personally in New York City.

All pieces are made using sustaibably sourced pure 18kt gold and recycled or sustaibaly sourced natural diamonds


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All pieces are made to order and ship 4-6 weeks from recieving payment.

Better Half Earring

Better Half Earring