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Multi Band Ring

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Introducing our captivating Multiband Fashion Ring, a true embodiment of elegance and sustainability. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this exquisite ring marries the beauty of natural recycled diamonds with the timeless allure of 18kt gold, creating a piece that's not just stunning but environmentally responsible.

A unique take on the the v ring, flipped on it's side. This low profile ring is easy to wear and complements any style. A modern take on a classic, works well in any collection. Easy to wear to work, and with just enough diamonds to sparkle at night.

The 18kt gold setting adds a touch of luxury and warmth to this exceptional piece. Its lustrous finish enhances the radiance of the diamonds, creating a harmonious contrast that's both eye-catching and refined.

1.36 cts diamonds.

Always made with only all natural recycled diamonds. Feel good about looking good in our sustainable jewelry.



Made to order for you personally in New York City.

All pieces are made using sustaibably sourced pure 18kt gold and recycled or sustaibaly sourced natural diamonds


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All pieces are made to order and ship 4-6 weeks from recieving payment.

Multi Band Ring

Multi Band Ring